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Migrants Integration Driving License



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Migrants Integration Driving License – MIDRIL – is based on the principle of integration of migrants towards the fulfillment of Europe 2020 Strategy reaching "a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth" through European collaboration in vocational education and training that focuses on developing basic competencies for social integration and adaptation to labour market needs, promoting basic learning for migrants through vocational education activities and recognizing their skills.


MIDRIL project approach to migrants' integration focuses on basic language skills acquisition and 3R skills and ICT self-esteem, intercultural competence, entrepreneurial initiative included in the local work culture (Common Basic Principle).


Migrants' lifelong learning takes place through digital devices, e-learning and blended learning and ECVET certification offered by MIDRIL project. MIDRIL is a useful tool, proof of individuals' competences that is adaptable to the local economy, labour market and humanitarian and political development of Partner countries.






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Project no.:?540337-LLP-1-2013-1-FR-LEONARDO-LMP?
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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2016  Migrant Integration Driving License